We are the ultimate indoor cycling class, a full body workout filled with sprints, climbs and an incredible show of lights and music.
Stuck for time? Make the most of our facilities! Grab a quick shower or coffee and breakfast on your way out to work.
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We are a community! Everyone is welcome. Perfect for all ages and fitness levels.

Sophie Lowe

RIDE co-founder! We are yet to find something Sophie can’t do! 

Ride with Sophie for 45 minutes of sunshine on a rainy day! She loves to make people laugh and isn’t a fan of the more complicated combos, so her class is great for those new to ride. Her favourite type of music to spin to is something with a dramatic start or a cheeky remix and her favourite move on the bike is down, out, in, up followed by 4 shoulder taps! Beware though, Sophie will work you hard without even breaking a sweat!

Sarah Burgess

RIDE co-founder and bodybuilding competitor! Her favourite music to spin to is absolutely anything with a fast beat or banging drop and her favourite move on the bike is right together, left together… with triple time feet of course!


Disclaimer: Ride with Sarah for a 45-minute sentence of double time!

Pip Thackwray

Pip is always full of energy and a beaming smile! Ride with Pip for those speedy dance combos (she can’t help it, she has a degree in dance!) She loves spinning to dance remixes and her fave move on the bike is a push cross and sexy 8! 

Sarah C

Oh no! Who can cope with another Sarah?! Ride with Sarah for songs that’ll make you wanna sing and heavy tracks that will make your legs burn.

Her favourite type of music to spin to is cheesy anthems or R&B (chalk and cheese!)

Her favourite move on the bike is in, out, up, down! Caution: you might get addicted!


It’s Josie Box! She spins, she sculpts, she flexes and she pulses – this girl can do it all! Don’t be fooled by her zen demeanour though – Josie will push you to your limit in all her classes! Ride with Josie for a class full of everything she can cram into a 45 minute class to remixed classics and cartwheels on the handlebars…only joking, but maybe one day! Her favourite move on the bike is a cross in as many directions as she can take it!


The latest addition to our Ride fam!

Ride with Ellie for a VIBE & a mega sweat sesh! Her favourite type of music to spin to is anything from garage to hip hop and everything in between & her favourite move on the bike is a tap back evvvvery day!