Delivery Information

Last Updated: 16 August 2021


Shipping of RIDE Official Spin Cycles is estimated to take around 14 days.


If you have selected and paid for your bike to be assembled by one of our expert technicians, an extra 15 to 30 minutes will be needed after delivery in order to assemble your Bike.


All our technicians are professional, courteous and will be respectful in your home. NB: For safety and health reasons we ask that you remain at least two metres away from the technician if you would like to be present during the installation or leave the room if you are happy to do so.


Your technician will make sure that your bike hardware is properly assembled before leaving; however, once this is completed, you will be responsible for the day to day operation and maintenance of your bike and for your Ride Membership.


Delivery for all other RIDE merchandise is estimated at 6-7 working days.